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KDF is a professional validator, dedicated to supporting Osmosis and offering the best validation service.

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About KDF/Our vision

KDF is an independent validator dedicated to the Osmosis network. We deeply belive in that Osmosis has a bright future ahead and we want to support the network in a meaningful way.

For Osmosis to fulfill its potential, it requires a strong, professional set of validators. We’re proud to be a part of such a prestigious community and will dedicate our efforts into providing the best service for the network.


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With a professional infrastructure, KDF Osmosis validator provides entreprise-level validation services.

KDF is proud to focuse all its resources on the Osmosis and will continusly support the growth of the networks.

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Staking with KDF

Once you’ve delegated, you will automatically start earning staking rewards as we successfully generate new blocks.

Secure the network

We offer validation and staking for best projects in the ecosystem.


We employ skilled blockchain and security experts.

100% Uptime

You’ll be rewarded for your contribuition to the network and your staked assets.


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